2nd Annual EcoPress Grad Student Contest: VOTE for your favorite infographic!

We are very excited to present the entries to this year’s Annual EcoPress NREL & ESS Graduate Student Contest! Six graduate students submitted infographics to compete for a prize of $250. The winner will be selected based on your votes. Take a look at each entry, and then submit your vote below for the entry you consider the most aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and effective at conveying information.

Voting will close at 5pm on December 17th. The winner will be announced at the NREL Holiday Party, December 18th. We, the editors, hope you enjoy these as much as we have.

N.b. the infographics vary in size and our hosting website can sometimes do funny things when loading images. We tried to present the images so they would appear consistently, but use your scroll and zoom to make sure you see everything.


Entry 1: The Sunny Side of Decomposition


Entry 2: Great Plains Reptile Conservation in a Changing Environment


Entry 3: Women, leadership, and STEM in the US

MaxEnt thumb

Entry 4: The MaxEnt User in 2013


Entry 5: The World Beneath Our Feet – GDPE and the Soil Matrix


Entry 6: How will climate change affect Tibetan rangelands?

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