NREL/ESS Publications: September 2017

This summary includes publications first published online and/or in print during September 2017. If a publication was missed for this period, please contact Amanda Morrison at

In Print

De Kauwe, M. G., Medlyn, B. E., Walker, A. P., Zaehle, S., Asao, S., Guenet, B., … & Lu, X. (2017). Challenging terrestrial biosphere models with data from the long‐term multifactor Prairie Heating and CO2 Enrichment experiment. Global Change Biology.

Fassnacht, S. R., Webb, R. W., & Sanford, W. E. (2017). Headwater regions—physical, ecological, and social approaches to understand these areas: introduction to the special issue.  Earth Sci. (2017) 11: 443. 

Oliveira, D., Williams, S., Cerri, C. E., & Paustian, K. (2017). Predicting soil C changes over sugarcane expansion in Brazil using the DayCent model. GCB Bioenergy.

Trivedi, P., Schenk, P. M., Wallenstein, M. D., & Singh, B. K. (2017). Tiny Microbes, Big Yields: enhancing food crop production with biological solutions. Microbial Biotechnology10(5), 999-1003.



Chignell, S. M., Luizza, M. W., Skach, S., Young, N. E. and Evangelista, P. H. (2017), An integrative modeling approach to mapping wetlands and riparian areas in a heterogeneous Rocky Mountain watershed. Remote Sens Ecol Conserv. doi:10.1002/rse2.63

Fragkos, K., Taylor, M., Bais, A. F., Fountoulakis, I., Tourpali, K., Meleti, C., & Zempila, M. M. (2017). Multi-decadal Trend Analysis of Total Columnar Ozone Over Thessaloniki. In Perspectives on Atmospheric Sciences (pp. 983-988). Springer International Publishing.

Oleksy, I.A., and J. Culpepper (2017), Understanding mountain lakes in a changing world, Eos, 98,

Taylor, M., Koukouli, M. E., Theys, N., Bai, J., Zempila, M. M., Balis, D., & van Roozendael, M. (2017). A Robust Seasonality Detector for Geophysical Time Series: Application to Satellite SO2 Observations Over China. In Perspectives on Atmospheric Sciences (pp. 1035-1041). Springer International Publishing.


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