EcoPress is a platform for NREL scientists & collaborators to share their research with the world beyond.

MISSION STATEMENT:   Our goal is to convey the human elements of scientific research: who does it, what do they really do, and most importantly, why do they do it.  We feature scientists telling their stories, sharing their motivations, and revealing personal adventures and discoveries made while doing research.  We hope to give scientific research a voice and a personality that anyone can relate to, in order to make it more accessible and engaging to the public.


Current Editor:

image1(6)Xoco Shinbrot is a PhD. student in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources (HDNR) in the Graduate Degree Program at CSU. Her research interests include climate resilience, community-based resource management, citizen science, and payment for ecosystem services in Latin America. To learn more check out her website.


Past Editors:

DSCN4031Nell Campbell earned her PhD in NREL in 2015. She is also a fellow in the Multidisciplinary Approaches to Sustainable Bioenergy IGERT Program. Occasionally she gets to spend time in Brazil studying the soil impacts of sugarcane production and appreciating the value of straw hats for tropical sun protection.

SLV samplingJocelyn Lavallee earned her PhD. in NREL in 2015. Her interests include learning about biogeochemistry, teaching, and soil sampling in the woods at the height of hunting season.

Aaron w his other womanAaron Sidder earned his MS in NREL in 2015. His research interests include spatial ecology, niche modeling, and remote sensing. His idea of a fun time is to hike up steep hills to count dead trees.

Shinichi Asao is a Ph.D. student at NREL and the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology at CSU. He is an experienced swimmer of tropical rivers that support healthy crocodile populations.

Julie Kray earned her M.S. in Ecology at CSU in 2010, and now works at USDA-ARS in Fort Collins, CO as a Biological Science Technician. She is no stranger to wandering around the desert at 3:00 a.m. looking for plant stems to measure.

Andrew Tredennick earned his PhD. NREL and the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology at CSU. He is very afraid of elephants so works in West Africa to avoid them at all costs.



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